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Following on from our blog post on 20 Nov 2019, Matthew Walsham and Dr Tanja Bastia are placing a call for papers for a session at the event.

The session will be on intergenerational boundaries and migratory borders and specifics can be found in the abstract below.


Migration can reshape relations between generations, with profound consequences for families that span national borders or internal boundaries.  The challenge of caring for children in these contexts has often overshadowed the issues that older people face – whether it is they or other family members who move.  Migration may also transform how younger generations perceive ageing and plan for their own old age.  Research on intergenerational relations in transnational families is often disconnected from debates on similar dynamics within national borders.

This panel welcomes contributions, which explore changing intergenerational relations in the context of migration, including:

  • The processes of intergenerational change in contexts of international and/or internal migration, including comparative perspectives
  • The strengths and weaknesses of different conceptual framings for understanding relations between generations e.g. transnational care, multi-local households, translocal families, global householding, etc.
  • The challenges faced by older people in mobilising care and other forms of support in translocal settings and policy responses

Although we are open to papers that focus on both the Global North and the Global South, we are particularly interested in those focusing on the latter.

Instructions for authors

Please email paper proposals (title, author affiliation and 250 word abstract) to and

The deadline for proposals is 31st January 2020.

Note: This article gives the views of the author/academic featured and does not represent the views of the Global Development Institute as a whole.