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A number of our researchers will be at ECAS2019 on Africa: Connections and Disruptions. The conference will run from 11-14 June in Edinburgh.

Pritish Behuria will be convening a panel with Annie Pitcher on ‘The political economy of diversified business groups’. He will be presenting a paper at the panel on ‘The Varied Trajectories of Growth among Kenya’s Diversified Business Groups’


Sam Hickey is convening a panel on ‘The politics of governing oil in Africa: rupture and continuity?’ As part of the panel he will present a paper with Angelo Izama on ‘The politics of governing oil in Uganda under ‘best-practice’ institutional arrangements’. Matthew Tyce will present a paper on this panel on ‘Governing oil in a context of competitive-clientelism: the case of Kenya’


Tanja Müller is convening a panel with  Milena Belloni on ‘Urban citizenship and mobility between here and there: Understanding political belonging among Africa diasporas’. She will present a paper on the panel with Biyan Ghebreyesus Okubaghergis on ‘Diaspora connections and the development of research capacity in the higher education sector in Eritrea’


Barnaby Dye is presenting a paper entitled ‘Back to the Future?: Politics and Trends in Africa’s Dam Resurgence’ as part of the ‘Building and Connecting Africa’ panel.


Tom Lavers will present a paper with Fana Gebresenbet Erda on ‘Consumed by a construction boom: Land tenure regimes, speculation and dispossession in Ethiopia’s urban periphery’ as part of the panel entitled ‘Inside a construction boom: politics, responsibility and the temporalities of urban development’


Oliver Bakewell is part of a roundtable on ‘Turning down the heat: (mis-) representation of African migration in the media and the role of researchers’


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