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Catch up with our recent GDI Lecture from Deborah Barros Leal Farias, who discusses Unpacking the Developing Country Classification. You can watch or listen to Deborah’s lecture below.

The division of the world into ‘developing’ and ‘developed’ countries has grown increasingly problematic in the past decades. Nonetheless, it remains embedded in legal documents, foreign policy discourse, and colloquial use. In this lecture, Dr Deborah explores this complexity by unpacking the different ways in which the ‘developing’ label is used in the international system, arguing that understanding the complexity around its use requires a rigorous analysis of the label’s diverse meanings and consequences.

Deborah Barros Leal Farias is a Brazilian-born Senior Lecturer at UNSW Sydney’s School of Social Sciences, where she teaches Politics and International Relations. Her current main areas of interest involve hierarchy in global governance, particularly the interaction of non-great powers in international organizations, and Brazilian politics.


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