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Prof Diana Mitlin was invited to present evidence to the International Development Select Committee on the changing nature of UK aid.

The International Development Committee is conducting an inquiry on the definition and administration of UK official development assistance. given that the UK is committed to spending 0.7% of Gross National Income on development assistance. Key questions around around: definitions (what should count as UK aid?), its administration (who should be responsible, and accountable, for spending UK aid?) and its direction (such as focus on growth or jobs).

By 2020, the Government expects around 30% of UK Official Development Assistance to be spent by departments other than DFID, including via cross-government funds. In this second oral evidence session of the inquiry, the International Development Committee examined and explored questions arising from this trend with experts considering whether poverty reduction lies at the heart of aid and how levels of transparency can be improved.

Evidence was also provided by:

  • Keith Davis, Director, National Audit Office
  • Terry Caulfield, Audit Manager, National Audit Office
  • Dr Emma Mawdsley, Fellow, Newnham College, University of Cambridge
  • Melinda Simmons, Director of Implementation, Cross Government Funds, National Security Secretariat
  • Dr Christian Dennys, Acting Head of the Joint Programme Hub, Cross Government Funds, National Security Secretariat

Select Committee Inquiry website. 

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