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The Global Development Institute was saddened to hear of the recent death of Sir Tony Atkinson – a long-standing leader on inequality research including the recently published ‘Inequality: What is to be done?’

At a time when of a growing consensus identifying the ills of inequality, Sir Tony stepped into the void to discuss the type and scale of policy changes required to reverse the trends.

We were proud to call Tony our friend when he visited us in 2015 to give a wonderful lecture at the University whilst ill at that time. He was usually the greatest intellect in the room but he never asserted that superiority and he was always listening carefully to what others had to say. A great intellect but a very modest human being.

Tony will continue to inspire us as we address global inequalities and we send our thoughts to his family, friends and loved ones.

Take a look here at Professor David Hulme’s blog post following Tony’s visit to the University in June 2015.