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The project

We are seeking an ECR (working on their PhD or having recently been awarded a PhD) to work on an exciting research pilot. Our project aims at generating a step-change in our understanding of societal responses and resilience to future, unprecedented climate extremes in urban areas. To help achieve this aim, we are developing a new conceptual approach, which combines critical social sciences and climate projections to explore the interplay of future climate extremes and urban inequalities.

The task

The ECR will be involved in a scoping literature review on two central themes of our research pilot. The first involves a critical examination of existing scenario-based approaches, focussing on the extent to which social-political processes, culture, variability in the exercise of agency, and power relations are considered in past research. The second part concerns a review of critical social science literature focusing on climate extremes and urban areas.

The ECR will synthesise an array of past studies, identify gaps, and identify other potential areas for further research. This will result in 2 scoping reviews of approximately 2500 words each (length and content can be adjusted based on an initial review of literature by the ECR).

Who can apply

Given the interdisciplinary themes we are exploring, the call is open to ECR from any discipline (including geography, urban studies, hydrology, climatology, sociology, climate policy, and city planning amongst others) who is interested in engaging with urban inequalities and climate futures from an interdisciplinary perspective. The ECR can be based within (with a work permit) or outside the UK. The scoping reviews will need to be completed by 30th June 2023.

Contract and Pay

This is a short-term contract (4-5 weeks, depending on salary scale), which can be undertaken either full-time over 4-5 weeks or part-time over a period of 4 months between February and June. The pay will be consistent with the salary scale of the ECR. Current PhD Students would be employed at a Grade 5 (Research Assistant) whilst those with completed PhD would be employed at grade 6 (Research Associate).

Find out more

Register to join the online info session on January 27 15:00 by emailing Maria Rusca

How to apply

Please send a CV and max. 200 words explaining why you are interest and suitable to undertake this review to Maria Rusca by February 6 2023.




Top image by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash