Global Development Institute Blog

For the last 60 years, The University of Manchester has been at the forefront of Development Studies. To mark the occasion, we’ve produced a short documentary telling the story of the Global Development Institute and its forebears.

Narrated by Professors Uma Kothari, David Hulme and Diana Mitlin, the documentary explores how the Institute has progressed from providing informal training for post-colonial administrators, to establishing Manchester as an influential centre post-graduate teaching and research.

The documentary also charts the recognition of Development Studies as a distinct academic discipline, which the establishment of the Development Studies Association (DSA) in 1978 helped to formalise.

It seems appropriate that with Manchester celebrating 60 years of Development Studies and the DSA its 40th anniversary, the annual Development Studies Conference begins in Manchester. The conference will reflect on some of the progress that’s been made over time, but more importantly, will address a major global challenge – rising inequalities.

The final plenary discussion session on Friday will focus on strategies for tackling global inequality, which is a public event, open to all.  Tickets can be booked here.