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We take a look back at our top five most-read blogs of 2017.

In loving memory of PP

The ‘PhD Gang’ remember their friend, and former GDI student,  Purnima Purohit who sadly passed away earlier this year.


How can development academics help change the world?

Chris Jordan looks at how researchers can most effectively contribute to changing the world for the better.


Alumni profile: Justice Bawole

We chatted from our alumni, Justice Bawole, about how his degree from The University of Manchester led to two promotions when he returned to Ghana.


Divergence, big time to converging divergence: From international to global development?

Rory Horner and David Hulme argue that the macro-scale map of development has shifted from “divergence, big time” to “converging divergence”, which consequently requires a shift from thinking of international development to global development.


Countering “divide and conquer” to build a human economy for all

Rory Horner examines Oxfam’s annual report of global inequalities which found that the combined wealth of the wealthiest 8 people (all men) on the planet is equivalent to that of the bottom 50% of the global population.


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