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The British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowships are receiving applications from promising early career scholars. The University of Manchester is keen to support both internal and external applicants. 

The British Academy is inviting proposals from early career researchers in the humanities and social sciences wishing to pursue an independent research project, towards the completion of a significant piece of publishable research.

The fellowship will last 3 years, and applicants will need to be based at an eligible university or research organisation for the duration of the Fellowship. GDI is keen to host fellows for this period.

GDI produces and co-produces research that extends knowledge frontiers, driven by the desire to advance social justice on a global scale. We achieve this by conducting world-class, interdisciplinary, research that critically and rigorously advances development theory.

The University of Manchester will be running an information event for candidates on 17th July 2024, hosted on Teams. No registration is necessary.

Call details can be found here or below:


Indicative timeline


  • Information event for candidates: 17 July 2024
  • Expression of interest deadline: 9th August 2024
  • British Academy submission deadline: 2nd October 2024
  • Earliest start date: 1st September 2025


Application criteria


  • The applicant must be a researcher from the humanities and social sciences.
  • Must be based at an eligible university or research organisation for the duration of the Fellowship. GDI is keen to support external candidates.
  • British citizens and any nationals from the EEA are eligible, as are those of any nationality who have a doctorate from a UK university. If an applicant does not meet these categories, they may be accepted if they can demonstrate ‘strong prior association’ with the UK academic community.
  • Applicants must be of Early Career Status, meaning they must apply within three years from the date of their successful viva voce examination. For this round of competition, applicants are expected to have completed their viva voce between 1 April 2022 and 1 April 2025.
  • The applicant must already be of postdoctoral status at the time when the Research Awards Committee meets.

For more information, please contact Chris Flanagan, Faculty Research Facilitator (


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